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Thank you John!

John fitted my scooter with a wheelie walker holder, and was very helpful in replacing the sunshade for me when it became loose.  He also kindly raised the seat for me, and all done on a Saturday in the 35 degree heat!I am very happy with the service from John, and would highly recommend him to all for your scooter needs.


January 18, 2018

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First ran into John in Australia Fair in 2017, he went out of his way to get me new batteries the same day.  When my scooters motor packed it in last week, I rang John who was on the southern end of the Gold Coast.  Not only did he follow up the same afternoon he gave me the deal of the year and I now have a far more reliable scooter.  He also went out of his way a few days later to help me to get it registered.  I can’t recommend Freedom Scooters more highly.

Len Crook 9/1/18.

January 9, 2018

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Thanks for all,

Mum is enjoying her new scooter, so very much, such a good thing to do, had my doubts but You always have doubts, but with this , I feel it is the best for her, which is the most important.

She has taken to it like a fish out of water, and she has listen to your advice, with the bumps etc, she would not have listen to me .... So thank you.


July 13, 2017


I liked the service and Mobility Scooter so much, I recommended my neighbour also get one.

July 13, 2017

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Thanks John,

Already been down the street a couple of times. Very happy with the scooter. Have had several good comments as well...." WOW look how far scooters have come " (tourists) and what an amazing set of wheels. " ...local kids....lol. ...if the sun stays out, i'll be out every day on my new set of wheels.

I have left a comment on the FB page as well. Thanks again for your kindness and understanding and excellent service. You’re making a huge difference in people's lives. Mobility isn't just being able to walk its independence and a happy state of mind.

Thank you

July 13, 2017