Selecting a Scooter

Why Buy a Mobility Scooter?

Mobility Scooters provide total Freedom and Independence to the user. They enable the user to not rely on others to carry out daily tasks, which we all take for granted.

Mobility Scooters are also extremely reliable and cheap to maintain and run. Mobility Scooters are permitted almost anywhere, including Supermarkets, Coffee Shops, Retail Shops etc:. How good is that, no more parking costs, buses, trams or trains. And yes I forgot, the most important item, NO MORE PETROL or REGISTRATION.

Now you can go where you want, and more importantly when you want, without relying on others.


Mobility Scooters do not require a Licence or Registration

What is the right Mobility Scooter for me?

Buying a Mobility Scooter is like being fitted out for a piece of clothing. It needs to fit just right, if it’s to small, it will be uncomfortable, and if it’s to big it will also be uncomfortable.

Our team are trained to ensure the right Mobility Scooter is supplied, which will suit the customers build, height and exact requirements. The location you intend on using the scooter is also important. For example, the mobility scooter you require in a hilly location is different from the mobility scooter you require in a flat location. The power rating which is specified in watts will determine which mobility scooter is more suitable for your particular situation.

We always ask several questions, which assist us in providing the correct choice. It is extremely important that the customer is matched perfectly in every way with the Mobility Scooter.